FUTURENET/FUTUREADPRO Multimedia Social Network Gaming Revshare AdPack-Buying Club: FutureAdPros

FutureAdPros: FUTURENET/FUTUREADPRO Multimedia Social Network Gaming Revshare AdPack-Buying Club

FutureNet and FutureAdPro are probably the greatest reputable online business opportunities for a stable long term income, with the most potential.. ever! FutureAdPro, FutureNet’s Advertising Program is the world’s first unique social media platform with a RevShare program and best way to make money online just by clicking ads and using the FutureNet social media platform. FutureAdPro is guaranteed the best RevShare program (Revenue Sharing Program) of all time. Try it now!

✅ Making Money online is easy like 1. 2. 3. with FutureNet and FutureAdPro 

Making Money Online Is Easy With FN/FAP!


FutureNet Social Multi – Media Network Club

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FutureNet – Multimedia – Network – Club –         Together for a successful future!

You want to earn money online? At FutureNet Club you just start to do what you usually do on other social media platforms. With the simple difference that we pay you for that! Without the necessity to invest own money. Via the Social Media Bonus, FutureNet Club distributes the major part of its advertising revenues among its members. Become a part of a successful team in FN and learn everything about the amazing FutureNet SUCCESS SYSTEM to make money online without any monthly costs. FutureNet is probably the greatest online business opportunity ever!

Make money Online Success System
Join our great business opportunity!


You are active on a SOCIAL MEDIA platform? 

But you don‘t earn ANY MONEY? 


You gain new users for your SOCIAL MEDIA platform? 

But you don‘t earn ANY MONEY? 



But you don‘t earn ANY MONEY? 

FutureNet Multimedia Network Club – The Make Money Online and have Fun SOLUTION for everyone!

We invite you to become a member of our successful, globally operating Futurenet Multimedia Network Club. Futurenet offers the most fascinating and at the same time the most brilliant opportunity to develop your own online business. The FutureNet Multimedia Network Club is a modern Social Media Platform to earn money online and to have fun with your friends. Both are unlimited! Join our FutureNet SUCCESS SYSTEM Team!

Make money Online! The FutureNet Multimedia Network Club is a modern Social Media Platform to earn money online and to have fun with your friends! Make unlimited money online with the 100% Matching Bonus from FutureNet! Your amazing business opportunity!

If we have a closer look on what is going on in the internet, we can observe an extreme growth of the MULTI- MEDIA sector. And this is what our extensive Futurenet product portfolio is about:

Video clips, movies, apps, e-books,  e-learning tools, pics, footages, games, tutorials, flash apps, music clips, music, sounds, templates for websites, print templates, cartoons,  birthday cards  and many more. You  decide  if  you   use   our offer just as a consumer or if you prefer  to upload  your own portfolio and make additional money with these offers.

The greatest advantage is that you develop a permanent income – although you simply need to invest ONCE between 10 and 1,685 $. If you want, we will pay out your commission on a daily basis. By means of optional systematic upgrade, you have the option to start with a small amount and use your revenues for upgrading your position.

Futurenet now offers you the chance to develop your own Business in an easy way. Share these fantastic opportunities with other people! Our offer will certainly be also interest- ing for others. These people will then become your personal Futurenet friends. Doing the same thing as you do, they will develop their own business together with you.

The Futurenet Club offer is valid anywhere in the world, start- ing from day one. Thus, you will face no restrictions of any kind regarding your personal friends and team partners. Of course, the no-restriction-rule also applies to your potential Futurenet income.

And at this point we say:

Welcome in the Futurenet Multimedia Network Club!

Make money online and have a lot of fun with the FutureNet Network Club – Social Media SUCCESS SYSTEM!

      If you are interested in starting a new          business, two questions will be of critical               importance at the beginning.

 How much does it cost, i.e. how much         will I have to invest in order to start?

 How much money will I have to invest         every month?

The answers to both of these questions are quite easy and you will enjoy hearing them. The start into your successful future requires just 10 $! If you do not have another choice, you can choose to start your Futurenet Business already with this sum.

However, you have more opportunities. We do not want to conceal that it makes more sense to invest more than 10 $ into your kickoff. Precisely spoken, you have the following options:

10, 35, 85, 185, 685 or 1,685$

The second question regarding the monthly costs is just as easy to answer: there are none! You really invest only once into your Futurenet Business. Nonetheless, you and particularly your partners will generate permanent revenues. This means that you will build a long-term income based on successive revenues without the need to ever invest your own money again.

The higher your starting amount is, the more Media Points you get. More Media Points mean more fantastic product offers, which you may choose from. Furthermore, a higher starting amount grants access to a bigger income potential for you.

On the following pages, you find the most important details about our marketing plan. Moreover, you will also be able to watch our video clips on this issue. You will immediately grasp the outstanding opportunities of the Futurenet marketing plan!

Regardless of your startingamount, you may choose to upgrade your position at any point, if you need more Media Points for our multimedia offer or if you just grasp how brilliant our system really is. If you prefer, you may start with a smaller amount and then use your Futurenet revenues for upgrades to higher positions.

                            The INTERNET

Make money online with the internet on a daily basis!

In the recent years, the Internet has gained an increasingly greater influence on our lives. All experts are unanimous in stating that this development progresses more and more. The Internet will have a still stronger influence on human lives in the years to come.

FutureNet - Make money Online Success System - Business Opportunity

Nowadays, the internet gives and offers us chances and opportunities unknown so far. Practically, you have access to the whole world from your room.

You can communicate, in the simplest way possible, across the borders without any language barriers. Thanks to introduction of smartphones and tablets into the market the development has gained a critical momentum in the recent years.

And how it is with you? What for are you using the Internet TODAY? How have you been using the internet for five, ten or fifteen years? You can certainly see a change in the way you have  used the internet. The internet offers increasingly more opportunities to earn money. The sales that have been generated over the internet today are gigantic but the experts still predict their significant growth in the years to come. Do you already use the internet to earn money? Does your computer already

work for you?

If the answer is YES, then you know that wonderful feeling. If the answer is NO, then we can assure you that it is fantastic when you switch your computer on and see in your business backoffice that you have earned money again. Join us in the following the exciting future. Use the Internet from now on to make money! With the membership in the

Futurenet Multimedia Network Club, we offer you a fantastic chance to turn your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone into a money- making machine.

         The internet and the multimedia

Make money online with the internet and the multimedia!

The internet is in permanent development with millions of offers flowing into it every day. If we look more closely into the developments of the most recent years, we can see two areas of extreme growth: the SOCIAL


The FutureNet Multimedia Network Club business opportunity is a modern Social Media Platform to earn money online and to have fun with your friends!

To be more exact, more growth will still be observed in the two areas in the future, since they both are already now at the forefront with use of the internet. Below are a few figures, data and facts concerning use of the internet: Internet users spend nearly one quarter (23 percent) of their total time spent online in the social networks like Facebook, Google+ or Xing, while, for example a year before it was only 14 percent.

This is what BITKOM, German Federal association of hightech companies, has reported to us on the basis of a survey carried out by the “comScore” market research company. “The online social networks are among the central starting points in the web which combine different uses and contents in a single platform, said Bernhard Rohleder BITCOM’s CEO.

The music, photo and video web sites come only second, with their users spending there nearly 9 percent of the time they spend on the internet (compared to 7 percent last year). The social media is the number 1 area, with the mutlimedia coming only second in terms of use, of the internet.

Therefore, what could be more natural than to combine the two most used areas of the internet by employing the most sensible marketing method, which is the network marketing?

This is exactly what we have done at Futurenet. And now YOU have an opportunity to build, over the coming years, your own on-line business for yourself that will be generating for you earnings that you can daily turn into cash.

         The FutureNet SOLUTION

Make money online with the FutureNet solution!

On 1st February 2015, after two years of preparations, Futurenet will be available in six languages. The company is supported by experts in such areas as marketing, business consultancy and the internet.

The company offers every man in the world an opportunity to build one’s own business. We have intentionally decided to take advantage of the network marketing as the distribution format because the network marketing gives everyone the chance to immediately benefit from the boom in the social media and multimedia sectors.

The marketing, and first of all also the marketing planning are among the most modern tools that the internet can offer now. You can now make payments on-line through different web portals. You can also make a bank transfer in a very simple way. We have a partner at Western Union who enables every man in the world to make a ONE OFF payment, and with the bitcoins we offer you the most modern payment method. You can encash your comission fee every day. Futurenet will keep you informed of the most recent developments through VIDEO-NEWSLETTERS.

Business Opportunity - Make Money Online FutureNet Success System

    The Futurenet Multimedia Network Club

Make money online with the FutureNet Multimedia Network Club!

The Futurenet Multimedia Network Club already at the start offers a multi-language library containing thousands of offers in different product categories: Videos, movies, apps, e-books, e-learning, photographs, footages, games, tutorials, flash applications, music videos, music, sounds, website templates, print templates, cartoons, birthday cards and many more. The supply of the multimedia products is being broadened every day. We have set ourselves the target to build the largest multilanguage online multimedia library.

You are welcome to join us. Obviously, on the one side you can take advantage of all the offers by yourself, but you also have an opportunity to sell your own personal multimedia offer through the platform of the club. In this way, in pace with building your business you can fix a second income for yourself.

                      6 MARKETINGPLANS

Make money online with the 6 FutureNet Club marketingplans!

We at Futurenet work with the same marketing plan in 6 versions. Our 6 marketing plans differ just with regard to the $ amounts: 10,  25,  50,  100, 500  and  1,000 $.

Therefore, you have the following 6 starting options:

10$                                                                                 =      10$

10$ + 25$                                                                        =     35$

10$ + 25$ + 50$                                                              =     85$

10$ + 25$ + 50$ + 100$                                                   =    185$

10$ + 25$ + 50$ + 100$ + 500$                                       =   685$

10$ + 25$ + 50$ + 100$ + 500$ + 1,000$                         = 1,685$

Conditions, qualifications, remunerations and calculations function in all 6 marketing plans according to the same principle.  If you would like to develop your own Futurenet business, you can opt to start right away in all 6 marketing plans. However, you may also start with smaller

amounts or even with the smallest offered opportunity of just 10 $. Important to understand: you may only participate in the 25 $ marketing plan if you are also part of the 10 $ plan. This rule applies to all mentioned

amounts. If you want to start in the 1,000 $ marketing plan, you will also have to participate with the other 5 amounts.

You will find detailed explanations in the video clips about the marketing

plan and in our dedicated marketing plan leaflet. Professionals and all those who grasp the brilliant opportunities of the Futurenet business will surely start with 1,685 $ right away. By means of a start with this amount, you get the maximum number of 168,500 Media Points, which you can use for

all multimedia offers of our club. Needless to say that you also have the biggest potential income opportunities right from the start. If 1,685 $ are too much for you to begin with, you may of course alternatively choose to

start with an amount of just 685$. This option still brings you 68,500 Media Points for our multimedia offers. And with 685 $ you participate in the first 5 marketing plans as of day one.

Are 685 $ still too much for you? Or would you rather like to “test” if and how it all works? OK, then you may start in the first 4 marketing plans and invest 185 $. To invest 185 $ into the kick-off of your own business should be doable for anyone, who is serious about it. Of course you can also opt for a start with one of the three smallest sums: 10, 35 or 85 $. If you prefer to do so, you may

start modestly and then continuously upgrade your position. However, please consider that your income is directly linked to your REVENUES.

In our business, please keep that in mind, people copy the behavior which YOU show them. Your friends will ask, „Which sum did you start with? “ And you will quite frequently see that your friends will do the same as you did. OK, so are there any arguments against a professional business launch with 1,685 $ or 685 $?

There are no arguments AGAINST, but quite a few IN FAVOUR. We wish you good luck to take the right decision for your future!!!

WELCOME to the FUTURENET Multimedia Network Club SUCCESS System make money online Team!

                         FRIENDS BONUS

Make money online with the FutureNet Club friends bonus!

If your sponsor for instance has already 3 partners in his 1st level and YOU are one of them, the following scenario is possible: your sponsor gains more members and they will be placed in the 2nd level – this means above YOU!!! Thus, you have received one or several sales partners as a „gift“. With immediate effect, you start to earn from their revenues according to the marketing plan.

However, more important is the fact that you have one or several sales partners in your upline. If they actively start to develop

their business, this will generate revenues in your Friends Tree. You will earn from these revenues in the same way, as if they had been generated

by your own partners. This feature makes the Friends Tree System of Futurenet very attractive. However, you should never sit back and rely on

presents of this kind.

It makes much more sense to be active as of day one and convince as many partners as possible to join the business. On the following pages, you will hear about the 100$ Matching Bonus. This will help you to understand how smart it is to be active yourself. With the Friends Tree Bonus, you participate in the product revenues generated in the 5 levels above you.

You receive the following remunerations:

Level 1 above you     5%

Level 2 above you    5%

Level 3 above you  10%

Level 4 above you  10%

Level 5 above you  15%

The Friends Bonus alone offers you already gigantic income opportunities.

As we mentioned already several times, at Futurenet Club you need to invest only ONCE. Despite that, you develop a permanent passive income based on recurring revenues. How does that work? You will find the answer together with a description of the New Position Bonus below.

Start now your FutureNet make money online success system and earn income from the Internet on a daily basis with the FutureNet 100% Matching Bonus business opportunity!

One of the most brilliant opportunities of the network marketing industry  is passive income based on permanent revenues. However, usually permanent revenues are linked to the obligation  for sales partners, to invest repeatedly. In reality, in the majority of companies on the market you are charged with monthly payment obligations. And this is exactly why any people decide to refrain from joining the business.

The main reason for people in various companies to lose interest and drop out is that they are not ready to invest their own money every month. We at Futurenet have developed a fantastic solution. Never again will you need to invest money from your own pocket. But despite of that, you and particularly your sales partners will generate continuous revenues. How exactly does that work?

On the one hand, you generate revenues from a very small part of your income. And on the other hand, you make money from the New Position Bonus.

Here comes the explanation of how you and any of your partners can transform a small part of your income into new revenues and new positions in the worldwide Friends Tree. Your first income in the levels 3, 4 and 5 above you, will be invested into new revenues and new positions each.

Let’s have a look at a concrete example for the 100$ Friends Tree:

Once you have earned the first 100$ in the levels 3-5, this money will be invested into a new position for you. Furthermore, every Friends Tree offers you the opportunity to get 3 new positions FOR FREE!

How to obtain them?

Have a look at the explanation of the NEW POSITION BONUS. ALL new positions grant the following advantages:

– Every new position brings new Media Points

– Your new position is placed at the lowest free spot within the global Friends Tree – the most attractive place

– New positions open up new income opportunities

Since the systems works identically for all sales partners, you will certainly obtain sales partners within your Friends Tree who were not sponsored by you or one of your sales partners! You might have been sponsored by an international network marketing super star. Now, you are part of his team

and his Friends Tree. Nevertheless, this very same super star might be part of your team in a future Friends Tree. And then you will earn money from his revenues. With every new Friends Tree, your income opportunities grow.

The same rule applies to all of your sales partners. On the following pages, you will learn about the 100% Matching Bonus. You will see how you can gain multiple profits from the new positions.

                      100% Matching bonus

Make money online with the FutureNet Club 100% matching bonus!

Dear friends and prospective members of the Futurenet Multimedia Club! At this point, we would like to draw your attention to the most brilliant invention since the invention of network marketing itself: the 100% Matching Bonus.

Make money online with the FutureNet 100% Matching Bonus!

Network marketing is about supporting others to become successful. The reward for this support is the income, which you earn thanks to the revenues of others. With the Matching Bonus, Futurenet offers you the ultimate reward for your support of your partners to make them successful

and earn money. The Matching Bonus brings you between 20% and 100%

based on the revenues that your personal partners earn from the Friends Bonus.

Matching Bonus overview:


Frontline Partner      Matching Bonus

1                               20%

3                              40%

5                              60%

6                              80%

8                             100%


If you have just one personal partner who earns money from the Friends Bonus, you get 20 % of this sum. Let’s assume your personal partner makes just 200$ from the Friends Bonus this week. You get 20%, therefore you earn 40$ Matching Bonus – in addition to your own Friends Bonus.

20% are a good start, but we would like to help you to obtain more Matching Bonus income.

If you sponsor 3 personal partners, you double your Matching Bonus. Let’s have a look at another example. You have 3 personal partners. This week,

each of them earns 200 $ from the Friends Bonus. Altogether, we they earn 600$. Your Matching Bonus amounts to 40%, which makes already 240$. Not too bad – if we calculate your income for a whole month, we

are talking about 960$, just from your Matching Bonus.

In the chart above, you can see that 5 personal partners bring 60% and 6 personal partners 80% Matching Bonus. Nevertheless, we would like to pay you 100% Matching Bonus.

What you need are 8 personal partners. 100% Matching Bonus is a more than profitable deal. Let’s use the same example here. You have 8 personal partners. Each of them earns just 200$ from the Friends Bonus.

Altogether, this makes an income of 1,600$.

And this means 1,600$ Matching Bonus for you! Come on, calculate what this means for a full month: the result is 6,400$ Matching Bonus for you.

In this example, we have assumed an income of 800$ of your partners.

However, the Futurenet system offers much bigger income opportunities

to you and your partners than just 800$ per month. Please calculate on your own what happens, if you and your partners will be active in the

500$ and 1,000 $ marketing plans. Needless to say that the generated income will be much higher.

Go and calculate what happens, if you will work hard and develop your

organization. At some point “X” in a few months or years, you will have 10,

20, 50 or even more personal partners. Calculate your Bonus for the case

that these partners earn money in each of the 6 marketing plans in several

Friends Trees.

You get 100% Matching Bonus in each case!!! This is worth to start with full speed and attract more and more personal partners.

                         Unilevel bonus

Make money online with the FutureNet unilevel bonus!

Modern marketing plans combine several bonus systems. Apart from the Friends Bonus and the Matching Bonus, we have prepared another highlight for you: the UNILEVEL BONUS. Depending on your qualification, you will receive income from the 6th up to the 10th level.

Unlike in case of the Friends Bonus, the Unilevel Bonus depends on the partners, which emerge in your levels 6-10 due to the natural structuring

process. What does that mean? As simply as that – the number of people to be placed in the first level of your Friends Tree is restricted to 3. Thus, you will have personal partners who are placed in the levels 2 or 3 even higher above you in the Friends Tree.

If it comes to the UNILEVEL BONUS, it doesn’t matter where a partner is placed in the Friends Tree. For the purpose of the bonus, all your personally sponsored partners are placed in your first level. If you have

5, 10, 20 or more personal partners, ALL of them will be placed in your first


People, who will be later sponsored by your personal partners, are placed in level 2 and so on. Upon developing your organization, you will see that the number of partner quite quickly duplicates up to the levels 6-10 above you. The revenues of these people generate your Unilevel Bonus income.

Your qualification for the Unilevel Bonus depends on the number of personal partners, whom you have sponsored in your respective marketing plan (10 – 1,000 $).

Let’s concentrate on the 100 $ marketing plan for the following example.

If you have 6 personal partners here, you are qualified for the Unilevel Bonus in the 6th level.

Thus, you get 2 % on all revenues generated in level 6. With 7 personal partners, you participate with 3 % in the revenues generated in level 7. In case of 8 personal frontliners, you get 4 % in level 8; 9 personal partners

generate 4 % bonus in level 9 and if you manage to gain 10 personal partner, your Unilevel Bonus reaches 6 % in level 10! The Unilevel Bonus allows you to develop a stable income throughout the structure of your organization. Again, we as a company have increased the percentages from level to level in your favor. From level to level, you will generate potentially

more and more partners, which brings you more income.

                    New position bonus

Make money online with the FutureNet Club new position bonus!

You have heard it already many times: with Futurenet, you really have to invest your own money only once. Despite that, you develop a passive income based on continuously generated product revenues. How does that work?

You have seen the principle on the occasion of the Friends Bonus. Upon the first 100 $ income in the 100 $ marketing plan, every partner automatically

purchases a new position. And this new position generates new income.

On the other hand, the system guarantees continually new positions FOR FREE! Every new position offers fantastic new income sources.

Please remember: this applies to YOU and ALL YOUR PARTNERS. At this point, we would like to remind you of the 100% Matching Bonus. With every new position, the income potential of your partner increases. Moreover, you

have the chance to earn the 100% Matching Bonus! When exactly do you continually get new positions for free? Due to the concept of the system, you get new positions and subsequently new Media Points for free, whenever new incomes are generated due to newcomers in the levels 4 and

5 of your Friends Tree. This rule applies to your first Friends Tree and

to all following trees.

What kind of performance is required from you?

You get a new position for free, whenever 50 new members including respective revenues have been created in level 4 above you. Theoretically, level 4 above you provides space for 81 new members. The first free gratis position is yours, when you reach a number of 50 new members.

This new position is located at the lowest free spot within the global system – the most attractive spot. Two further positions for free will be yours thanks to new members and their revenues in level 5 above you. You get a new position, as soon as 75 new members occur in your 5th level.

The next gratis position follows upon the next 75 new members, i.e. upon

an overall number of 150 new members in your level 5. As you can see, the New Position Bonus offers you continually new Media Points, which may be used for our multimedia offers. Needless to say that the Bonus also grants

you repeatedly new income sources. Worth to mention: your new positions

are always placed at the most favorable spot within the worldwide Friends


Thus, you obtain new partners in your various Friends Trees who were not sponsored by yourself or your personal team. Apart from many other facts,

this system makes Futurenet the best Online Business available on the market.

                  Webinar speaker bonus

Make money online with the FutureNet webinar speaker bonus!

The latest option to present your business are live-online presentations, also known as WEBINARS. Experienced leaders offer webinars in different languages, several times a week or even on a daily basis. This is the place for you as a potential partner to get information. If our offer sounds interesting and convincing, you can use our webinars by inviting other interested people to have a look at it.

We offer webinars as business presentations for potential newcomers as well as in the form of trainings, instructions and events. Futurenet realizes webinars in different languages. This provides you with the opportunity

to develop your business internationally, based on different languages.

For the future, we plan to extend the webinar portfolio and the language offer. YOU are cordially invited to become part of this development and benefit from our WEBINAR SPEAKER BONUS. Do you have experience in

speaking at live-meetings or webinars? Or are you interested in becoming a trained webinar speaker? Welcome at Futurenet!

The Webinar Speaker Bonus offers a sort of “fixed salary”. It may guarantee you up to 5,000 $ per month.

Needless to say that this income goes additionally to your sales revenues.

If you would like to apply as a webinar speaker and for the Webinar Bonus, please send us an e-mail.

    How you can make money online with the          FutureNet Multimedia Network Club?

You have launched your business. Now, you want to expand successfully and make money ASAP. How can you accomplish that and what steps should be taken? Read the last part of this magazine to find answers to these questions.

The basis for your income is the Futurenet marketing plan. It is designed in a way to give anybody the chance to obtain a permanent fantastic income.

What are the characteristics of the remuneration plan?

Well, there are several features which make our marketing plan a genuine highlight. Firstly, it is very easy. You can read the explanation on the following pages and in our 4 marketing plan video clips. The Futurenet marketing plan redistributes a total of 90% of the product revenues among

the sales partners. This makes our system one of the most lucrative offers within the entire marketing industry.

As mentioned earlier, there are no monthly qualifications or other subsequent costs which you have to cover with your personal money. Despite of that, you and your partner will obtain permanent revenues.

Subsequently, this brilliant system brings you a permanent income!

As part of the Futurenet marketing plan, you may also generate income based on clients and sales teams, which were not invited to join Futurenet

by you or your sales partners. Maybe you were sponsored by an international super star here at Futurenet. Due to the design of our system,

this very same super star might be part of your team at any point later,

and this means income for you based on his revenues.

Futurenet rewards own activity with the 100% Matching Bonus in a perfect

way. We will show you on the following pages how that works. Lean back and enjoy the following sentence: “The 100% Matching Bonus brings you

again the same sum, which all of your sponsored sales partners together

earn from the Friends Bonus!!!” If you have 8 personal members at Future-Net and each of them makes just 1,000 $ Friends Bonus, YOUR MATCHING


Please read the informations carefully. You hold the clue in your hands – this could be the begin of a positive change in your life. Share this information with anyone you know. You will see that many of your friends will be just as enthusiastic!

The next step is the online and offline promotion of your Future- Net business. Once more you will see that many people will be excited

about the concept and join as active partners to develop their business.

     Benefits of membership with Futurenet?

While you are reading this information and concurrently you watch the videos, you certainly ask yourself a question: how am I going to benefit from membership in the Futurenet Multimedia Network Club?

First of all, the membership gives you access to fantastic multimedia offers. Like you have already read, the offer is being constantly broadened.

You may also always use a new product. You can and will have a lot of fun as a member of the Club. Having fun is great, but when you start a business you want to and first of all you must earn money.

When you follow the system and share the products and business opportunities with other people, then certainly there will be people who will

join you. If this happens, you will generate your first income. Also your personal partner and those who will become the partners by way of recommendation may and will follow this simple construction principle.

This means the growth of your team, and growth generates further income for you. Thanks to regular new positions you will increase your income generating potential and this will bring you closer and closer to the dream

of earning passive income coming true. Passive income (i.e. earning money

without much time or effort) is what every man dreams of, and YOU can

achieve this as a member in the Futurenet Multimedia Network Club.

Now, imagine how great it is when the Futurenet App goes “bing“ more

times per hour in your smartphone. A “bing” that means that you have earned money. Can you imagine how simple it will be to win new personal

partners with a smartphone that constantly goes “bing”?

Another new personal partners will then increase your passive income in the short, middle and long run. Now, as a member of the Futurenet

Multimedia Club you have an opportunity to become trained as a real online

marketing professional. Join us in the following of the exciting future, and

you can be proud very fast of what you have built and of your achievements.

                         WHAT IS TO DO?

In our magazine and the video clips, you have received a great deal of information on our fantastic Futurenet offer. If you happen to be an experienced sales professional, you will perfectly know what to do in order to develop your own successful business. However, our aim is also to show to newcomers in the sales industry how to start an own successful Futurenet business.

Nowadays, information rule. We have already provided you with all necessary information on how to develop your on successful online business in the multimedia sector. What do you think – could this

information be of interest for other people? For sure it is!

Now, it is your job to pass this information on to other people. How to do that? Easy question: in the same way, as your sponsor did it in your case. Invite your friends, acquaintances, family members, business partners and anyone you know to have a look at your personalized website with our short video clip and then our complete multimedia magazine. Moreover,

you can use the WEBINARS in different languages and invite your friends to watch what the business is about.

Apart from the people you know, you can also promote your website online and offline. Take the chance and benefit from all possible opportunities

to recruit new potential partners. We will show you successful promotion

channels in different training courses. For some countries, we will also

provide you with contact addresses, website visitors and real potential partners. Are you able to invite people to have a look at the website, view one of the clips and read our multimedia magazine?

Of course you are. EVERBODY can do that. We all do it on a daily basis, when we invite others to click on websites. Do the same thing now, with the aim to develop your own business. We see: everybody can do it. Never before has it been easier to start an own business and make a success story out of it. Use all available opportunities to train yourself – benefit from chances offered by your sponsor, your upline, other leaders and our company directly. Our aim is to train you as a real professional in online marketing issues.

We hope you will take the right decision and become part of Futurenet. And we wish you many new partners, who will do the same and start with full speed and develop a successful business within a few months and years.

                         People business

We invite you to become a member of our successful, globally operating Futurenet Multimedia Network Club. Futurenet offers the most fascinating and at the same time the most brilliant business opportunity to develop your own online business.

The network marketing industry exists already for over 50 years. The pioneers had to work without mobile phones, internet and fax. In the early years, network marketing concentrated primarily on contacts between

people. In order to develop a successful network, the protagonists had to

make phone calls and arrange personal meetings.

Guess, what works best to this day? Still today, in the era of the worldwide web, social media and other modern communication technologies, personal

conversations and phone calls are the most effective method for success and high quotas. The clue to success in network marketing are personal relationships and in the best case real friendships with other people. Nothing can replace a personal face-to-face conversation.

Due to the introduction and development of modern communication

technologies like the internet, e-mails, social media, google translator,   webinars, etc., the sales industry has changed completely. Now, there are

incredible opportunities to communicate on a global scale and without language barriers. These technical opportunities enable you to develop a team with hundreds or even thousands of sales partners – much faster, than this was ever possible with the traditional way of doing business.

The internet offers unlimited opportunities for global networking. And this is the moment, where our statements above come in your network

marketing business is and remains a business between people. Use the internet and take advantage of all available methods to make new contacts. However, the next step should be a prompt phone call

or, if possible, a personal meeting. All information concerning the technical aspects and details about your Futurenet business are available for you and your sales partners via video clips, this multimedia magazine, presentations, trainings and webinars. Check it and work your way through!

If possible, motivate your sales partners in personal conversations or during phone calls to choose a professional approach to the business. Use

the opportunities to build personal relationships with your partners!

Gather a team of people around you, who are ready to go through thick and

thin with you and make unlimited money online with the FutureNet Success System!