If FutureAdPro Is A Scam.. I’d Be Wasting My Time Making Money With It

Ok – so yes, you found this page because you happened to go to a search engine and type in something to the effect of “FutureAdPro scam” and I should’ve appeared somewhere in the top 10 results, hopefully among top 4 because – in case you are able to see what I’m doing here – I am being super-friendly with my website structure and keyword choices  🙂

Any of you out there that want to believe that FutureAdPro IS a scam, well, all I can tell you is.. you are wasting YOUR time.. hopefully you aren’t holding your breathe, waiting for it all to collapse.

Those people that are legitimately concerned and wanted to check things out before you joined – good for you. I say “go for it” and join for free to look inside and see what it is all about. Free is free. There is absolutely no obligation for you to buy anything, whatsoever.

There is a great opportunity for those that can see the vision of this company and want to use the company’s growth to THEIR advantage.

My FutureAdPro Review So Far?

I have basically been with FutureAdPro since the first week that it because live. That was a couple of months ago, now. I purchased 1 adpack “out-of-pocket” and sponsored others who did the same.

It is a slow process to watch it build-up.. especially if you only buy 1 adpack like I did. Same thing goes for watching the commissions come in from your referrals because they can’t make a re-purchase until they get to $50 for another ad pack.

There are upgrades which will allow you to earn on different levels on the revshare but it isn’t worth paying for that unless you know for sure that you have lots of people down there that will buy some adpacks to make it worth your while.

You just play it by earn. I have many referrals but most of them remain free. They need to see others earn with it before considering putting any money into it, themselves.

But, yes, for sure I recommend for people to join FutureAdPro and buy at least 1 adpack, to start with. This is my FutureAdPro review for now, but I will most probably come back here and give updates as my excitement level increases.